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Friday, February 23, 2007

A Week-End of Riotous Living In Kansas City

I'm not going to do anything right now but make excuses for not posting. You see, the computer has ben down. (Note the nonchalant use of hip jargon.)
Thus, to post, I must load up the pack mules, journey over the mountain, and find a working computer. And that happens not all the often.
In other news, we have an intern (hi Will!)
In other news, we've got stuff started in the greenhouse.
In other news, I no longer fear dark spaces issueing rodent noises.
I miss you all.

Monday, February 12, 2007


I've been away a while.
I ordered the complete season 1 through 18 of Hawaii 5-0H on Netflix and that has kept me busy.
Also, I took Isiah to South Carolina with me, where we dug for dinosaur bones. We found some.
Then, I was magically transported away to a large white farmhouse on the coast of Maine, one with big windows facing the water and a tall, four storey tower, where you could climb up to the tippity top and watch the grass blowing in the breeze. There was a rocking chair out on the lawn, and you could sit back and absorb the whole vista.
Not really, but there's a painting of that on the library wall, and it looks awfully nice.
Oh, and the computer has been down.

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