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Friday, February 14, 2014

Fire and Ice

   I just filled the pot in the incubation house. I have a set of seedlings warm in the incubation house, and another set frozen in the greenhouse. The incubation house is steamy, and the steam condensates on the walls and drip down the sides. The greenhouse is frozen inside, and has a layer of snow on top.
   The incubation house is a straight-forward homemade affair: a set of metal shelves wrapped in a sheet of plastic and a pot of water simmering on a hot plate on the floor. Its a tropical 75 degrees inside, just right to make certain little seedlings break dormancy and join you and I in the world. I check the trays everyday for little green heads poking out of the soil. It really sucks when you don't check for a few days and the little guys grow sideways for a few inches looking for sunlight.
   Brassica and lettuce seed are in the greenhouse, frozen solid at the moment. They warm and thaw in the daylight and freeze again at night, repeating the cycle every 24 hours, and they don't seem to mind a bit. In a day or two they'll grow up out of the soil and stretch toward the sun.
   We're right on the cusp of change in temperature regulation. As the seedlings in the incubation house sprout and I move those trays into the greenhouse, I'll heat the greenhouse at night and keep everything above freezing. Phases change, so things can't change phase.


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