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And I resumed the struggle. -Vladimir

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Madness (Updated)

What a difference, as they say.
(Or, perhaps, this is just one more deja vu.)
A day later, and the long greenhouse is purlined and has side rails ready to anchor a giant plastic sheet.
It all went (back) together quite well. I drilled a few new holes in places where the pipes did not quite want to line up, and bent a few pipes that seemed to be asking for it. I ended up cutting a few that seemed too long, and wished that a few were a few inches longer. Nonetheless, if you just glance at it, from far away, it looks like a greenhouse. When you get closer, it still looks like a greenhouse, just kinda wavy and curvy. When you get up real close to it, and look it up and down, it looks like a third hand greenhouse that got squashed in a blizzard, but you can find no reason why it would not grow vegetables.
I, in fact, walked away from it as night fell with a tremendous amount of confidence.
We've done it again.

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