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And I resumed the struggle. -Vladimir

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Severe Weather Alert

There are currently four hummingbirds fighting over some sugar water inside of an upside down plastic bottle.
It's cute baby squash season, and the farm is swimming in dough. I'm up early to pick - the embryonic squash still have the blossoms attached and I like to get them in before the sun hits. It's just me and the squash out there - occasionally an early honey bee - and the sun comes up over the mountain east of Harold's farm. The little squashes are arranged head/toe/head/toe in the smallest produce boxes I can find, which are then stacked up in the cooler.
All goes on the bamboo tray - the special bamboo baby squash tray - in the center of the table at market.
That's when the hordes descend. I'd never been next to the epicenter of a descending horde. Then I started to grow cute baby squash.

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