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Monday, July 02, 2007

Yeah, we're doing the greenhouse thing. There were those who doubted my ability to use a thousand yards of clear plastic as a landscaping centerpiece, but I've pulled it off. And not only that, we've got tomatoes. Not even the Fourth of July, and I had a tomato for dinner. And shared a cucumber with Isiah this morning. And could be eating peppers, but want to give them just a bit more time. And this is all, truth be told, from a somewhat half-assed greenhouse attempt. Meaning: we didn't even get the thing covered til halfway through March. Then had flats of plants scattered all over it into May. Tomatoes etc finally got into the ground, but not exactly with any planning. Thus the trellising system is ... creative. But, alas, it works. As is evidenced by the tomato. And the pounds about to ripen!
I like this whole greenhouse thing, I do. Manipulates nature. It's kind of like I have the power to make the Earth tilt faster.
Plastic: Makes Nature Obsolete
That's the new farm motto.
And, I'm thinking of opening a tanning salon.


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