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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pave Paradise and Put Up A Parking Lot

I apologize to all you, me dear friends, for my absence, but I've been in virtual limbo with computer ills.
Nonetheless, I've managed to scrape down a bit of the road next to J*'s house, and we're just a-waitin' on a bit of gravel. It'll be, yes, a parking lot, soon to be filled with eager customers.
We're opening the greenhouse - uh, that would be greenhouse #2, the triangular one - to the general public this Spring, for to spread the happiness of plants and flowers and such to the world at large.
Come one, come all, and partake in the merriment.
Also, I'm not exactly proud of this, but it's a start.

In other news, greenhouse #3 is skinned, thanks to about twelve dear friends who came over Saturday morning. Thank you everyone! Another thousand square feet to water! Spinach is looking good. Beets are up. Peas are up. 'Taters are in the ground. It must be Spring.


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