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Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's Alive!!!

We create things that seemed like a good idea at the time, and then they run amok across the countryside, scaring the old and the infirm. It’s just not understood, we argue, but the simple village folk don’t listen, and grab their torches and pitchforks. In the aftermath, as the smoke clears, you just kinda wonder whether well enough should have just been left alone.
Plans were floated a few short years ago for yet another farmer’s market. A big one, though, big enough to accommodate all farmers who wanted a place to sell. Well, we formed a committee. We looked around for a place to hold the market, and set about drafting rules and regulations. We met with City Hall and urban planners and development people and landlords. We met with managers of markets from other cities and farmers who sold at markets in other cities and people who said they were experts in this or that. We applied for grants. We came up with logos and slogans.
This market idea seems to be rolling with a momentum all it’s own, now. It’ll get started any year, now, being very well planned.
Whether anybody shows up or not is another question. Many who expressed enthusiasm early on have cooled, and others have shown outright hostility. Change seems to be a hard pill to swallow.
The original character of the market morphs as we go, slowly, without anybody really taking notice. Any form that the market takes at any given time is that form that makes it most agreeable to most people. Thus it survives. Sail all the way to Galapagos and study finches, if you want to. What it will be in the end is anybody’s guess, and will be interesting to find out,
The core idea is simple enough: you show up, you sell stuff, you go home. God is in the details.
I’ll let you know what happens at the next committee meeting.


  • At April 10, 2007 2:37 PM, Anonymous Bradley said…

    Hey there,
    I'm intrigued by this - having enjoyed the wonders of the Ithaca Farmer's Market for years, I was stunned that Asheville had no central market. I can only imagine how successful such a market would be, considering how tiny Ithaca is in relation to Asheville. So what's the status of the market now? What are people upset about?

    Also, I was wondering if there is any interest or movement towards creating a CRAFT program in WNC. This is the program they have in the midwest and New England where farm interns take turns visiting each other's farms. It allows prospective farmers to see different styles of farming and also allows them to meet and socialize with each other.


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