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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Getting Shit Done

I'm trying to gt shit done. Like, I'm goal oriented and I focus on tasks until they're completed. That transition occurred with-in the past few days, when I wasn't looking and I had let my guard down. Somewhere between the time I hauled the old, used, but what is going to be the new greenhouse over here, and the time I moved the chicken coop, the season began. Inexorably. There's no stopping it now. It is now a non-stop, laugh filled fun fest until frost, but that is a long way off.
I have spent the year thus far working on sideline projects - the stuff I've ben meaning to do for a while but have never had time. A few new shelves in the shop. Better areas to sit down and hang out around the pond. Moving the clothes line. Painting the interns outhouse. Stuff like that. The nonessentials. I knew that as soon as I did something significant, something key to the approaching year, the dam would burst and there would be no going back. And I've been putting off that dam bursting for as long as possible, because early January is a nice time, perhaps the only time, to accomplish the nonessential.
That's all in the past now. All that stuff will lay and wait for next January. I'm working now on projects that I expect to bear immediate results. Projects key to the operation of the farm as winter slowly gives way to spring. I'm getting shit done. I'm rolling with the tide. No, I'm caught in the current, unrelenting, unceasing, and the other clothes lines will have to wait til next year.


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