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Monday, March 19, 2007

Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe

We develop different interests as we move through life, and we often can't identify where those interests originated. Many seem completely unrelated and incompatible, and we file them in different parts of our minds. Some remain completely separate our whole lives, while others intersect in ways we'd have never expected. While an interests in organic farming and German cinema don't exactly seem contradictory, and didn't think they could overlap.
Then I see a documentary where Werner Herzog promises to eat his show if a friend of his actually makes a movie, and, well, the friend actually made the movie. Herzog being Herzog, and the world being completely insane anyway, Herzog's shoe is prepared by none other than Alice Waters. There she was, on the screen, basting the shoe in fresh, local, organic garlic sauce.
Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised, but it all seemed a bit twisted. Like finding out that James Thurber liked to work on old trucks, or that Miles Davis liked to hunt for Appalachian wildflowers in the Spring.


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