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Monday, July 16, 2007

I Am Daunted By These Complex Times, I Conquer These Complex Times

I sit now before a device that I have trouble comprehending. A brand new computer, here at the Haywood County Library, that is, I swear, the size of a cigar box. Okay, it's a bit bigger than a cigar box, but it is definitely smaller than a box of Cap'n Crunch. And it's, um, computing ... even as I speak. Shouldn't be so confusing to me, the little things get smaller and more powerful and more complex every few weeks, I'm just, ah, having a little trouble adjusting, that's all. And there's something about saving information ... like, it doesn't use those disks that the kids have hanging from their rear view mirrors, you have to use something that looks like something they want to implant in your brain. No worries: I can still post.
Perhaps the reason this is especially troubling to me is that a new computer is on my horizon. I want one. And can justify it into the budget, and, well, it's on the horizon. It's just so damned daunting, so confusing - it's easier selecting a variety of cabbage to grow.
I'd appreciate feed-back - what to buy and why. What do you use and why. What would you do if you were me. Etc. My days of used computers out of somebody's basement are over.
Alright, enough of that. I just like to post about posting - it has a post-modern quality that is appealing to me.
Let's move swiftly to me conquering these complex times. Supering the bees these days, meaning putting another box or two on the hives to give them all a bit more room. And a smoker helps, but the old one was ... no longer viable. So I built a new one from an old tin can that some Chinese tea came in, a piece of 1/4 inch plywood (the official building material of Let It Grow,) and an old pair of Liberty overalls. And copious amounts of duct tape.
Nothing to buy, nothing to mail-order, and I could get right to work.
If you see an old truck winding through the mountains, with a yin-yang painted on the hood, and a computer painted on one of the yins and a bee smoker painted on one of the yangs, it's me. That's the new farm logo.


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