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Thursday, August 03, 2006


I've been away, looking for five gallon buckets for which to make suarkraut. They can be had, relatively inexpensively, at various outlets, but they can also be had for free. Thus, paying money became out of the question. And the quest became to find a free fve gallon bucket.
We found a grocery store that sold them for a dollar, but they were out, and then we found one that gave them away for free, but they wee out. We found another grocery store that sold them for a dollar each, and broke down and bought two, and then found a grocery store that gave them away, and got two more.
Then we shredded a lot of cabbage.
In the course of all this searching, we learned of a house that burned down near here. The house was on the future site of fire station.
Its the kind of thing you'd encounter in a Greek drama.
My query: What is the appropriate term for such a happenstance?
Irony doesn't do it for us.
Paradox and twist were suggested and quickly rejected.
Someone mentioned pastiche, and though we don't know what it means, we kinda like it.
Improbably has a ring to it, but doesn't quite say what we want it to.
All suggestions are welcome.


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