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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lion's and Tiger's and ...

I've managed to stumble upon yet another farming conundrum, believe it or not.
I've been staying away from the tractor, lately, what with me recuperating from surgery, and all. That grass is getting pretty tall.
So: how do you find the bush-hog to cut the grass when the grass has grown over the bush-hog?

The bees are happy. The entrance to the hives are always a, ahem, swarm of activity. And bees flying all around the hives. And less and less bees as the spread out in all directions the farther they get away from the hives.The go everywhere, it occurs to me sometimes. Miles and miles and miles away from the farm, and then they come back. All while I'm still here, working in this field or that and then walking back to the house. It makes me feel as though the farm has no boundaries or dimensions, with the bees flying all over whenever they please.
The chickens don't travel so far, but the make their rounds, most certainly. They're always moving. This is why I've always liked having chickens here. The vegetables are so static, growing placidly in their neat little rows. The chickens are so kinetic, walking here and then walking there, and always moving their necks even when they're not walking. So they complement each other, perfectly, I think, vegetables and chickens. And bees.


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