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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Worst Part Is, I Can't Wear Overalls

We proceed slowly, but proceed we do.
Half the Spring planted is out - that is, planted, thanks to friends, neighbors and various others who showed up last Friday for a planting bleitzkreig. The other half rmains in the greenhouse, but is being moved out into the fields slowly, ever so slowly. The question, of course: which half is bigger?
We tread water as far as greenhouse stuff goes. No sooner do a few dozen trays get started than a few dozen more need to be potted on, meanwhile a few dozen others need to get moved out to the fields. I'm getting more and more mobility in my left arm every day, and can take care of mild greenhouse duties now. As long as I don't have to lift anything, I can do it.
We are, as far as I know, somewhere near the middle of April, and it seems like a good time to reconoitter. Are we where we should be in respect to the middle of April? Are we behind? Are we further behind than we should be? These questions are meaningless to me. We're where we are. And where we are must be right, 'cause that's where we are.
I had the thought sometime this afternoon that I should absolutely be freaking out. I only have the use of one arm, and just barely, at that. J* still works full time. There's more that hasn't been done than has been done, and the gap seems to be widening. Folks come over to help - a lot - but they have lives and families and jobs and kids, too, and can only be asked to do so much. I survey the state of things and ask Why, O Lord, why am I not freaking out? I try to freak out, just because its seems the appropriate thing to do, but it just does not come. Why, O Lord, why? Because we're where we are, and that must be the right place.
This is easy. We're riding the crest of a wave that got started eight or nine years ago when I first pushed this thing into the water. That's when it was hard. That's when there was no money and no tools and no nothin' but still I managed to plug things into the ground and pull them up and sell them. No, I've done a lot of work since then, and made great strides forward, and now its easy. I can do this one handed.
There's no need at all to freak out, because old well piping had been converted into a greenhouse. And the violets are covering the ground under the trees along the fenceline. And the birds are back and I built I* a birdfeeder. One handed. And folks come over to help out and other folks come over and bring food. I've never seen greens so big in a greenhouse - maybe I won't transplant them at all, I'll just let them grow in there. They're pretty. And the poplars are about to pop out and the lawn needs mowing and the breeze comes over the hill between here and Meadow Fork and pushes against the pines on the other side of the powerline and then comes across the field and across my face.
We're rolling, just kinda rolling along, like we always do. One way or another, everything's gonna get done. It's not gonna be too pretty, not this years, anyway, but we're still gonna have food for people.

And another thing. I couldn't type a post for nothing for a while. It just wouldn't happen. All of a sudden, nothing was cooperating. I'm using Mozilla now, and that seems to be better. Stay posted.
PS It's not letting me use spellcheck. You're on your own.


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