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Monday, March 20, 2006

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

I'm not exactly comfortable with the title of this post, but I couldn't resist using a ye.
Also, I wanted to see if I knew how to spell receive.
I've gotten myself a number of needed things of late, and all I had to do was ask.
Most recently, and perhaps most significantly, I've found a scanner. Well, I've found means to use a scanner. Thusly, I'll be able to take some old writing projects I dug out of the bottom of the closet and introduce them to that ubiquitous object of these modern times: the computer. And share them with all of you. This is all part of my plan to keep myself occupied during my approaching period of recuperation. I'll be one-handed once again, for a while, and plan to do a lot of those things that I've been meaning to do for years.
The scanner search took it's up and downs. I've got some neighbors who have a scanner, but they are painfully obnoxious and I am loathe to deal with them. Having dinner with some other folks a few days ago, I introduced the subject of scanners into the crowd and waited for a response. One person present, who works with computers, indicated that I would be hard-pressed to find someone with one that does what I want it to, and that if I found a service that does this it would be costly. I resolved myself to a lot of one-handed typing.
Then, lo and behold, last night, around a campfire and in the midst of a group of people all enjoying the effects of copious amounts of alcohol, I struck gold. This appropriate device has been located, and its services have been offered.
In addition, an intern has been located. Yes, the mighty Let It Grow juggernaut rolls on, this time with employees. We'll have at least one set of hands out in the fields this year, if she actually shows up and doesn't freak out at the first sight of us. This is all courtesy of the ATTRA website, that matches needy farms and needy interns. You just post your name, and people show up.
Peas are in the ground, and, they're trellised. A young friend from Hot Springs has been coming out to help on occasion, and he was just what I needed to pound fenceposts and unroll woven wire fence stuff. All I've got to do now is keep the deer away from them.
And, last but not least, the freezer promises to be filled with various casseroles and such, thanks to the Spring Creek Book and Vigilante Club. They've become concerned about my coming surgery and subsequent period of one-armed-edness, and have decided it is their duty to keep me nourished.


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