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Monday, March 20, 2006

I Used To Live In A Cave And Think About Such Things, But Now I Just Allow Myself To Be Confused

The light bulb in my office burned out today. Complete and total darkness, engulfing everything, including my shopping list. My question: How do you write light bulbs on a shopping list that you can't find because the light bulbs are burned out.
Such issues plague me.
A year or two ago, I needed to don the bee suit to tend to the hives. The problem? The bee suit had been rolled up and tucked on a shelf in the barn. For a while. Long enough for some wasps to build a nest in it. Thus: How do you get rid of wasps on a bee suit when you can't put on the bee suit that you need to get rid of the wasps?
Speaking of the inscrutible, or paths to enlightenment, as the case may be, here are a few Google entries that led people to this blog:
yellow bellied sap sucker
smoke out of a dipstick hole
Steamtrain Maury
Los Pozas at night
real Mexican gardens
metaphors that are not screwed up
"and the cow crunching with depressed head surpasses any statue"
and my perennial favorite:
Ajahn Yantra


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