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Thursday, March 23, 2006

GH2 - We Needed A Come-Along, After All

When we last talked, the outer frame of the new green house had been pieced together.
I ran conduit down the ridgeline - not for electrical wire, mind you, but because I needed the additional support, and I had a lot of conduit laying around. A lot.
That's when I noticed that the whole greenhouse was leaning to the west, except for the parts that were leaning to the east.
I needed to do some straightening. I pushed this way, and then pushed that way, and just couldn't get the thing straight. I tied one end of a rope to the the greenhouse, and the other end to the tractor, and then lost my nerve and decided that wasn't such a good idea. Then I got the come-along. I wrapped a chain around the pieces that were pointed west and pulled east, and then, to keep everything in symmetry, I wrapped a chain around the pieces that were pointing east and pulled west. When I got done, everything was straight.
Well, as straight as I thought it would get. I bolted some diagonal braces on, and had a greenhouse.
Well, not quite. I still needed endwalls.
The ladder I had borrowed had already been reclaimed, so I backed the truck into the greenhouse and stood on a box in the bed. I bolted two vertical pipes to the whole thing to act as door frames, and then another pipe just above that, on a horizontal plane. (I have big plans for that one.) Then I repeated all those steps on the other side. The trick was to do it in such a way that I did not get the truck trapped inside the greenhouse.
Now, then. As for that last horizontal pipe. That's the base for the transom. The transom is the only soild surface on the greenhouse, all others being clear plastic. I've spend the last week sketching out ideas for just what picture needs to be painted on the transom. I haven't made the final decision yet - nothing has really jumped out at me. I'm waiting for that eureka! moment (it's sure to come) and then the right image will be obvious.

Next installment: fun with giant sheets of plastic!


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