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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Reflections On Green

The rotation this year called for the broccoli and the squash going in adjacent sections.
It is, I believe, the first time that has ever happened.
Two rows of squash went in today, with four more to follow, tomorrow, if the weather holds. Right next to the broccoli that went in five weeks ago. The differences in green is striking.
The broccoli is a pretty green, but a rugged green that can stand up to cold weather, that will survive outdoors at night in April and brave gale winds. It is a strong and sturdy green.
The squash is a bright and sunny green, a green that announces summer, and a green that needs to be nestled in soil under a warm blue sky. It is cheerful and airy and light.
Sunflowers got in the ground today, too, and beens and cucumbers.
Not corn though. The corn was a deadly neon pink. The seed company screwed up (or I screwed up) and sent me treated seed. The best part? The fungicide that it was treated with is called phytotoxin or phytosomething. Phyto, which probably means plant but in my imagination can also mean leaf or light or something. They named a fungicide after it. I'll send it back to the seed company. Have to order more seed. I don't want to plant pink corn.


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