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Monday, June 05, 2006

Loose Ends

I've been busy.
There've been a parcity of posts, lately, and this bothers me in no small way, but, as I've stated: I've been busy.
Doing just what? you ask?
Well, for starters, had I the time, I'd have posted of my trip to a Christian health food store, where I found a Bible Bar, containing all the natural sweetness of Deuteronomy, or of my trip to Tennessee, where I expected to take I* to his first rock'n'roll show, but instead endured a guy who sounded like George Jones and dressed like Elvis, or of my excitement over the promise that Wal-Mart will soon carry our squash, or of our latest marketing coup: airborne tomatoes, or of the fun I'm having with a titanium plate inside of my body.
Alas, I've done none of these things.
But, I've thought about it, and even turned on the computer a few times.
If you've guessed that this is a psuedo-non-post pretending to be something substative after all, you're right, but I'm just trying to get the ball rolling again.


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