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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

CSA Newsletter 7-22-09

It’s the wee small hours, and though it’s late July, I’m huddled in front of the monitor with a hoodie and a cup of tea. I went outside a moment ago, still dark, stood between Venus and Jupiter and looked for signs of morning. There’s just a bit of orange over the mountains to the east of us. I’m just sitting here waiting for it to get warm.
Our summer vegetables seem to be in the same fix. Most of them are of South American origin and have only grudgingly taken root in the northern hemisphere. They’re used to the tropics and are confused by our weather patterns, and spend most of their time, this year especially, wondering where the heat is. The tomato vines are sprawling, and have small green tomatoes hanging from them, but we’re yet to see signs of ripening. The pepper plants are laden with blossoms, and the peppers that have formed are looking happy, they’re just not in a hurry to get any bigger. Ditto the eggplant, though they seem to be ahead of everything else. Squash and beans form healthy looking dark green rows in the fields, remarkably free of weeds, but have about as much energy as I do right now. These cool, wet nights have been great for sleeping, but the plants, much like I, don’t really want to get up in the morning.
The cool-loving plants, on the other hand, have all petered out. Our large leafy green stuff – the kales and collards, the broccolis – have decided that indeed summer is here and they’re going to stop growing and lay there in wait for the bugs. We’ve plowed them all under and will plant something else in their place. Thus, we’re feeling the box a bit skimpy this week, but rest assured, there’s bounty on the horizon that awaits nothing but warmer temperatures.

In Your Box:
Boc Choi

We grow eggplant of many kinds and colors. All the eggplant we offer this can be treated like, well, eggplant. Make a parmesan, grill or roast them, fry them in bread crumbs, or whatever you like. We’re pleased to announce the return of our leeks (!) and have thoughtfully added some potatoes for leek potato soup. If that doesn’t catch your fancy, use leeks like you would an onion, or have them by themselves, sautéed or grilled. We selected thyme this week because we figure it will go with a lot of what we offer – spuds, eggplant, cabbage …. Try sautéed carrots with thyme and coriander. We use mint in iced tea, juleps, or with vanilla ice cream.

In sadder news, we bid farewell this week to Saba, farm worker extraordinaire, bus painter, photo-journalist, drummer, ghetto gang leader and all around good egg. Saba arrived six weeks ago and began immediate contributions to the farm with her hard work, good humor and positive attitude. She leaves a legacy of photo archives and a mandala corn circle that brings blessings to the farm every day.


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