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Monday, March 09, 2009

We Become Increasingly Gentrified, or At Least Placticized

It dried out quite nicely last week, enough to disk the lower fields and get some fertilizer spread. And there was nothing left to do by yesterday but to put seeds in the ground. This may be a new early mark - March 8th - but all the conditions have come together just right. The internet said this warm spell should last all week, maybe with a few showers. Just what I need for everything to germinate.
I dusted off the stupid fucking plastic thing, though I did not have high hopes. I figured I'd use it just until I got incredibly frustrated, then throw the thing across the field, and then put all the seeds into the ground by hand, like I always do. But the stupid fucking plastic thing actually came through, rolling across the ground and dropping seeds into the ground with premeasured regularity just like it's designed to do. It was a new day for the farm, and for my relationship with the stupid fucking plastic thing.
The stupid fucking plastic thing usually falls apart halfway down a row, or just doesn't drop any seeds at all, or drops them all in the same place, or falls apart again, or whatever. Yesterday, it came through. It entered that rarefied arena of plastic things that actually work.
I'm all excited about it. If this works, there are other things out there that will work. I'm combing through all the fancy catalogs, now, and I'm going to buy everything cheap plastic thing they have to offer. Someday, I vow, we're going to become a real organic farm


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