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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Getting Worse

Okay, he hates bankers, his daughters are cute, and he's gonna save the world, but that's no reason to appoint Vilsack as Secretary of Ag.
Or did Mr Obama not anticipate remarks like these, delivered to the National Association of Wheat Growers and quoted on the somewhat hopefully named Farm Futures:
Vilsack called on farmers to accept the political reality that U.S. farm program direct payments are under fire both at home and abroad and therefore farmers should develop other sources of income. In his remarks to the groups he said he intends to promote a far more diversified income base for the farm sector, saying that windmills and biofuels should definitely be part of the income mix and that organic agriculture will also play an increasing role.
I hope all of you are happy. We're in for four long years of fresh fruits and vegetables. And, if Vilsack has his way, organic fruits and vegetables.
Me, I'm stocking up Chef Boyardee and Coca Cola.

In other news, people the world over are rejoicing at the bicentenary of Darwin's birth. This is a good time to recognize the great man's many experiments with worms, conducted he said, to learn "how much mental power they displayed."


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