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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Could Be Worse, I Could Live in Moose Jaw

I confess to utter confusion about the weather, but I'm preparing for the worst.
I drove down to Haywood County yesterday, and snow was piling up on Betsy's Gap as I came back. Thick on the branches of the trees, sticking to the road. I came down into the valley again and the ground was clear. It was a bit disapppointing.
I wake up this morning to find that schools are closed all over, but there's nothing on the ground here at the farm. I suppose it's coming.
The cold is coming, too. Single digits tomorrow night, according to the radio. I'll be fine, but it'll be rough on the chickens. Bees might shiver a bit, too. Maybe I'll give them a blanket.
The tarragon is my main concern, greenhouse-wise. There are five trays in the greenhouse, and I usually bring them inside during the single digit nights. And I'll light the heaters in the greenhouse, just to keep them in the, oh, low twenties.


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