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And I resumed the struggle. -Vladimir

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here we go again.
The deer are eating the rye in the back field, the rain is sitting upon the chickweed in the front.
The greenhouses are still standing. They're busy overwintering potted herbs. One still clings to the remains of some hot peppers that wee supposed to be planted out last May.
My driveway is lined with the bones of yet another greenhouse. It awaits resurrection.
The shop is packed full of equipment. Some of it works.
The chickens are bathing in the mud. The bees alternate between hibernation and short-tempered nectar gathering forays.
Seed is ordered.
This is a time for assessment. It is a time to reflect on all that lies before, all that has been built in my years here, all that I have that I use to feed people. the view is pretty good here, at mud level. The soil is rich and ready to be warmed. The tools are ready to be worked. I await Spring.


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