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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What the Dormouse Said

Axl Rose and I agree on many things, and this has long been a comfort to me during my more trying times. I have recently discovered, however, much to my dismay, that Mr. Rose sits on the other side of the aisle from me on the issue of electro-magnetic waves.
This message comes to you, like all my posts, via my dail-up internet service. That is all that is available in this particular corner of the boonies. The FCC votes today on legislation that may/may not open certain part of the air waves to internet service. I, personally, find myself a firm for regarding any issue that may improve my internet speed. Mr. Rose seems concerned that his wireless mike may inadvertantly broadcast one of my posts instead of a live rendition of Sweet Child of Mine.
After all the posts I have written while listening to Sweet Child of Mine! How many times have I been tried during this dark night of the soul, only to find myself bouyed by the melody of Welcome to the Jungle!
You will not be surprised to learn that I was humming some of Mr. Rose's more upbeat tunes just the other day, as I opened an email from our local ISP. The email contained the email addresses of each and every one of my legislators, and contained a form email I could forward urging them to "do the right thing." I had to click on a link to one of my elected officials, click on a send button, and then repeat the process, from my US senators right down to the county dog catcher. Twenty minutes later I had sent messages to both my senators. The sun was quite a bit higher when I'd contacted my congressional representative. It was getting late in the day and I'd worked through a few of my state officials. That's when I gave up.
Such is life for rural America. You don't have the internet capability to demand better internet capability. Sounds like a good theme for a Guns'n'Roses song. Only, I won't be able to download it.


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