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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Road Is Smooth, The Pipes Are Empty

And I am on my way to Texas. I have been proudly checking items off my To-Do list for days now, putting the farm asleep for a while so I can seek my fortune near the Brazos. I vacillated between that There’s-So-Much-To-Do freakout and that self-satisfied Hey-This-Is-Starting-To-Look-Pretty-Good conceit. I exist now somewhere between the two, which is the only reason I’m able to post.
The Greenhouse On The Other Side Of the Creek saga continues. I brought over some fans and some shelving units today, significant because that clears out the middle of the field and the area around Sam’s barn. It makes the whole area look a bit more manageable, instead of the jumbled mess it’s been the last few years. Only a hundred more trips.
I’ve graded my neighbor’s road for them, and it will hopefully stay in fairly decent shape until I return. I went up that road in a friend’s Jeep the other day and it jarred my bones but good. My twenty year old Toyota gives a smoother ride. Jeeps are good if you’re a prospector, I guess.
Heat lamps are on in the well house. I’ve layed in a good supply of chicken food. All the equipment is in the shed. With the batteries disconnected. Pipes are drained in the house.
This farm is ready for sub-zero temperatures.
I had set Nov. 1 as the get ready to go date. I was going to tie up all my loose ends starting the first of the month, get them out of the way, and then coast the last few days before I departed.
One day turned into the next, which turned into the next, and there I was rushing around at the last moment. And I shouldn’t have expected any different, but I did. This year, I’ll be organized, I said.
And maybe I am. Tardy, but organized.
There’s a difference.


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