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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Dark Days for Agriculture

"This [USDA] is a department that intersects the lives of Americans two to three times a day. Every single American. So I absolutely see the constituency of this department as broader than those who produce our food -- it extends to those who consume it."
Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack
The Washington Post
February 5, 2009

I predicted in these pages long ago that the Obama Administration would signal the end of civilization as we knew it, but even I did not know it would come so fast.
This is a tough business even in the best of times. There have been many occasions, be sure, when I and my brethren, when looking up at a cloudless sky, when ducking swarms of incoming locusts, when wading through rows of fungus infected tomatoes or turning our collar up against the chill of a late frost, have taken solace in the fact that at least the government is on our side.
Now, we don't even have that. Now, it seems, we are expected to grow food that is safe, hygienic and palatable. Next, they're gonna tell us we can't sell food with salmonella on it!
And if all of this were not enough, get this, another disturbing quote from that same
imposter of a secretary of ag:
"We want to make a better connection between what kids eat and knowing where it comes from. I've seen it in my own family. If you educate kids at an early age, you can have a tremendous impact."
Mr Obama seems to believe he was elected with a mandate to improve health and nutrition. It would appear he wants to educate the youth. Well, by my count, this will only last another 1,142 days.


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