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Friday, February 20, 2009


I've become a deer fence consultant. I advise budding young farmers, Buddhists monks and growers of fine wine.
What I've neglected to tell all these people is that my deer fence is built of industrial salvage - old pipes, cable and wires, greenhouse pieces. Junk I've picked up out of the great American scrap pile.

In other junk news, the incubation chamber is doing fantastically. It's an old bakery rack, like a foot and a half by two feet, and about five feet tall. It's got sidewalls made of horizontal bars, so you can put your trays of muffins at whatever height you want. I wrapped the whole thing in an old remnant of greenhouse plastic and put a hot plate on the bottom (yes, they still make hot plates.) So I've got a pot of water simmering at the bottom of the rack all the time, and it stays about 70 degrees and moist inside the plastic wrapping. I put plug trays on the shelves and the seeds germinate in less time and in a greater percentage than they did in the old put it on a table in the greenhouse method. I can fit thousands of seeds inside the chamber at any time.
Some seeds are placed on a moist paper towel and put inside a plastic baggie and then set on a shelf. Then you just look through the plastic every day and look for something sprouting.


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