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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Winding Down

That's exactly what things are doing here on the farm, and sliding inexhorably into autumn.
We don't have a lot left left in the fields, and that what is there isn't looking too good. We'll shut everything down, soon.
I respond to this with a tremendous Whew and a sigh of relief.
All I've really learned this year is that I don't want to farm hurt, and don't want to have to do anything at all after I've been operated on.
We tried to do too much this year, and ended up doing nothing well. I should have known. (In fact, I did know.)
It's going to feel good, really good, to put the fields to rest and get things cleaned up.
I want to get all the cover crops in in a timely manner, and cut some drainage ditches for snow melt.
I want to get a decent chicken coop built.
I want to finish the new greenhouse, which is functional but has lied unfinished since March.
I want to wire the packing shed, so we're not loading the trucks in the dark, or off lamps plugged into an extension cord.
I want to get the trucks tuned up and cleaned up and running smoothly.
I want to build large, cubicle modern art structures to display on Christmas tree lots in Texas.
I want to save endangered woodpeckers..
The usual.


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