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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Loose Ends (?)

So I get all excited today because it's pouring down rain and I get to do all these indoor things that don't usually get done.
Rest assured, the books are balanced, with the purchase of each bag of feed and each nail and each quart of motor oil entered into its appropriate column on the ledger.
The design for a, well, thing, that I've been meaning to draw and send to my boss in Texas is taken care of, all neatly plotted out and explained. Cover letter with sales pitch. etc.
And the kitchen is clean.
A number of things I've been meaning to get to for, well, months have been successfully though proverbally checked off the list.
So why do I feel no more ahead of the game than I did this morning? Why are there still dozens of unfinished projects staring me in the face, mocking me in their incompleteness? Why do I feel as though I could spend all day tomorrow catching up on things, and still feel the same as I do now.
Is there no end?
Perhaps a month straight of hurricane detritus blowing this way would keep me indoors and let me get to all these things, but I'm left feeling that even if we were lucky enough to get a month's worth of hurricanes, I'd fret about all the things outdoors left undone ....
Everything's process, a monk said to me once. It's a journey, not a destination, he said.
But he didn't have a truck to repair and crops to sow and tomatoes to can and papers to file and a laundry room that looks like, well, nevermind. All he had to do was penetrate through to ultimate truth. Easy.


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