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Sunday, August 20, 2006

I Even Cleaned the Refrigerator

Rain. All day.
Oh, it would stop for a while, and I'd venture outside and start some project, but soon enough the western sky would start to rumble and the next thing you knew: rain.
We took advantage of the soaking and pulled all the ragweed out of the raspberry fields. Ah, the satisfaction in tugging a six foot ragweed stalk out with one arm.
We inventoried the dahlias - the look happy enough, but they're not exactly blooming. We decided to let them express themselves in whatever way they wanted.
I graded the road up to J* & M*'s place last night. Just in time, too, 'cause it probably couldn't have withstood another downpour.
J* & M*'s road had weighed heavily upon me this year. I grade it for them, oh, once a month or so, and keep the cars rolling smoothly. Not this year. This year, well, I remember having down it in May, sometime, and not since then. We've been way behind on everything since the start, and I've been trying to avoid the tractor as much as possible, and, the next thing you know, it's the end of August.
Making a mess of things here is not so bad. I can deal with that. Not fulfilling my obligations to my neighbors really sucks. I hereby vow: no more broken bones. Not for the rest of my life.
Speaking of screwing things up, I can't say enough about my intern this year. Here's an individual who has worked tirelessly this year and kept a positive attitude at every turn. I'm blessed, I'm grateful, I'm spoiled. And a bit miffed at myself at not being able to provide a better experience to such a wonderful helper.
"I may not have taught you how to farm," I'll say, "but I've taught you how to farm with a busted collarbone."
Her response is positive and optomistic, betraying her inner light. "It's always something," she'll say, and keep right on pulling ragweed.


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