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Sunday, September 17, 2006


Or maybe half-froze, as the ol' mercury has been dropping lately, suggesting that it's like September or something.
We've sort of almost got strawberries in, and if I sound a bit noncommittal about that, it's because we're dealing with the same old tried and true scenario of tractors breaking down and not having supplies we need and not having enough time and blah blah blah, but, as I say, we've almost got strawberries in. Keep the deer and the mice out of them, and we'll be fine.
Almost got another chicken coop built, too. But it's slow going and I work on it when there aren't more pressing issues, but I'm plugging along. Been months, but I'm almost there.
So enough complaining about what I haven't done. Here's a list of what I have done:
I've almost get the strawberries in. That's an accomplishment.
Oh, and I'm almost finished with a new chicken coop. That's exciting.
The glass is either ... well, you know.


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