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Friday, February 04, 2005

How Do I Spend My Time?

Maury Povitch is having men's DNA tested to see if they're the real father.
Asheville should be clear tomorrow, highs in the 50s. A low pressure system, however, lurks to the west.
There's congestion on 240, with a wreck near Amboy Road.
On Thursday nights, you can watch King of the Hill for three hours straight. (Not that I would do that ...)
On Sundays, you can watch Little House on the Prarie for six hours straight.
Octopussy is on. Somewhere in the world, there is always a James Bond movie on, somewhere.
Buy a new Ford at 0% down.
Oscar and Felix are still quarreling.
Condelleeza Rice is in the mid-east. In a brown blouse.
George W Bush is in South Dakota. In a blue suit.
New England is favored in the Super Bowl.
The Weather Cam, perched high atop Mt Pisgah, shows blue skies.
A number of scary looking movies will be released this week.
The commentators on Fox approve of very little.
Tony Danza knows how to tap dance.
Gregory Peck is saving Debbie Reynolds from marauding Indians.
There's a NASA channel.
If you're bored at 3 AM on a Tuesday, you can watch Dharma and Greg.
There's all kinds of drugs you can buy to make you feel better.
May cause constipation and high blood pressure.
Nicole Kidman will be at the Oscars. In a blue suit.
Things are being blown up.

That's right. I have friends with television.


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