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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


I'm thinking about what new hoes to get for the season, but, I have the feeling I'm gonna need a snow shovel soon.
I'm plotting out the fields - making diagrams that will be filled in green lettuce and squash and okra and watermelon. But the ground is frozen and the front walk is slick with ice.
I stare at pictures of tomatoes and well, more tomatoes, but then boil up some more soup with garlic and ginger 'cause I'm still congested.
I bought some new points for the plow but it's so cold I dare not do any work for fear of cracking a wrench.
I remember waking up in the school bus in August and walking through knee-high grass to get to the fields. There's icicles on the rear view mirror.
Tomorrow I want to - get this - wire up the walk-in cooler.
I email prospective interns and tell them about the swimmin' hole. I don't wash my hands without letting the hot water come out of the faucet for at least 30 seconds.
If D* calls, we'll be working on his greenhouse tomorrow. Going through elaborate steps to build a big structure that turns January into June.


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