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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Let It Grow Organic Gardens Seeks Corporate Sponsorship

Let It Grow Organic Gardens is now accepting applications for a corporate sponsor for the 2005 growing season. When your corporation agrees to underwrite all operating expenses for the coming season, your logo will appear prominantly on all Let It Grow products, vending stands, and vehicles. We will also mention your brand name to all customers during each transaction. Our favorite examples are:

"Coke adds life to organic carrots!"
"The Xerox Corporation is proud to bring you these green beans!"
"Read more about organic radishes at Amazon.com."

Act now! Supporting an organic farm is a great way to trick your customers into thinking that you give a shit. We promise profit-motivated farming techniques, global homogeny, a complete disregard for local economies, and, most of all, money.

***This advertisement was written on a Dell computer, perched on a table bought at Sears. Farmer's wardrobe: Liberty overalls and Hanes T-shirts. Hair: Nature's Gate Herbal Shampoo. Transportation provided by General Motors. Catering by Whattaburger. Special thanks to our friends at Microsoft.***


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