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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Greetings from Austin II

The question of gender identity gets more and more confusing here in Texas.
First, I saw a pink Hummer with a Barbie painted on the side. Then I learned that the Spurger County School District would not allow cross dressing for nine year olds this year.
"It's a Homecoming Week tradition," the grade school's attorney said. "They've been having it for years, maybe generations."
He was referring to a Sadie Hawkins type of an event, when girls dress like boys and boys dress like, well, you get it. The girls then ask the boys out for sodas or malteds or whatever kids do today.
But, this year, someone complained. A concerned parent views the day not as a silly annual event but as an attempt to push a homosexual agenda in public schools. Officials then decided to cancel the annual rite.
There's a happy ending to the story, though. The divergent sides were able to come together and agree upon a compromise. On Homecoming Day, students of both genders will be asked to wear camoflage clothing.


  • At December 04, 2004 9:14 AM, Blogger amy said…

    meanwhile, back in hot springs, they're handing out bibles in the elementary school classrooms.
    so i called the principal to ask if i could hand out copies of the quran, and after a stunned silence, he said i'd have to go through the screening process, starting with calling the superintendent, yada yada...but the gideons? they have been 'grandfathered in'.
    more reasons to homeschool.

    hope it's warm there, at least.


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