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Monday, December 13, 2004


A day off.
I went out to breakfast, then went to the laundrymat, then to a bookstore. I'm on my way to our Oak Hill lot to hang out a bit with my friends there, then, who knows. A park?
I stopped in at the library meaning to post, meaning to fill out some blog notes I scribbled down over the weekend, but I'm not seated in front of the terminal five minutes before a Papa Noel supervisor shows up.
Good. I'm not the only one goofing off.
We're both typing away for a few minutes when our other supervisor shows up ....
So here we are, all typing away at a public library, the ol' blue Chevy parked outside between their company trucks with the Papa Noel emblems pasted on the side.
The randomness and unexpectedness of the encounters leaves me at a loss for words - yeah, the universe has managed to rattle my brain once again - and I am unable to post the stuff I originally had in mind.
No matter. It feels good, all of us being in here together.
Last time we were all together it was in a bar.


  • At December 16, 2004 11:17 PM, Blogger spiral said…

    Why didn't you come by Missouri on your way out to SUV land? The BF and I bought a Christmas tree, and I thought of you. We wanted to buy one in an "urban area" to support "urban" boy scouts (instead of the suburban-like boy scouts we ended up supporting instead of supporting immigrant labor--choices, choices), but alas, we could not find any Christmas tree lots near our places of employment--also known to some as "the ghetto." When you have some more time off, please tell me: Why aren't Christmas tree lots in "ghettos"? --CR


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