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Saturday, January 29, 2005


Wild dogs are coming down from the hills, preying at will on the livestock and the children. They bark in the middle of the night, shit on the front lawn and spread garbage where they please. They're stealthy - sticking to the edge of the property, just out of gunshot range. They come closer only at night, in the dark, and you never know they're there. Not until morning, when you can follow their grisly trails, if you dare. They cut trails down steep embankments, foul the water supply, prey on endangered species and kill chestnut trees and hemlocks. Their meanness seems matched only by their stupidity, but when you come down to it, that is far surpassed by our own stupidity for letting this situation get out of control. They need to be exterminated - the only problem being their sheer numbers, and ammo is running low.
There will be those who object to the wholesale slaughter of these beasts, but I see no other solution. They are at their core useless and evil, and only the soft-hearted and the weak will tolerate their presence. An impotent moron like James Thurber may find these creatures cute and endearing, and an illiterate Commie hack like Jack London may find them noble, even elegant, but there are many of us who know better. They need to be eliminated before they can breed to such numbers that law-abiding citizens are afraid to leave their homes, and are reduced to erecting fences around themselves just to keep the brutes out.
These may sound like harsh words to those conditioned by any kind of Saxon morality, but the Saxons were a filthy people. They slept with cattle and defecated in their own homes. They impose upon us a morality that dictates that savage murdering dogs cannot be shot in cold blood, but finds no other use for dark-skinned people other than to manufacture garments and electronics, or to be tricked out of oil. They are a savage people, and the Romans rightly vomited at the first sight of them. But the Romans were far away from home, and were too weary to exterminate the bastards. They knew they had reached the edge of their land mass, and never thought these savage and brutal people would be able to harm them. They only half-heartedly attempted to control this dirty hoard, and never imagined they would be over-run. The Romans collapsed in upon themselves, through lethargy and inattention, and were eventually picked off, one by one, by the very people they had once thought filthy and disgusting, but of no real threat.


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