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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Beady Little Red Lights

The little red lights have me on edge. They blink on and off on the modem. I sit before the computer not glancing at them, not noticing what ones are on and what ones are off. I could just cover the modem with a towel or a hat or a newspaper, but that would be admitting defeat.
The one way over on the far right has to be on in order to get online. I don't what it means, I just know that when it's on, I connect, and when it's off, no way. Even Pavlov worked with creatures in tune with such things. There's a bunch more lights in the center of the display. I don't know what any of them mean, but when they blink furiously, it means the computer is downloading something, probably something with lots of pictures, and when they hardly blink at all, it means I'm about to get kicked off line.
I always know which lights are on. Even when I'm not using the computer, I know what lights are on. It's like the way you always know what strange sounds your engine is making, or what's in your house that's gonna choke your baby, or what you're about to do that's gonna piss off your girlfriend.
Everything could and sometimes does work out perfectly, and you still harbor this ominous feeling that everything's about to hit the fan.
I used to not even have a computer. I didn't have a refridgerator, a TV or a washing machine. Now I just sit around waiting for those things to break. But I digress.
Perched on a ladder a hundred feet above the ground this afternoon, unbolting a greenhouse, I suddenly realized that I needed to know the entire history of the Milton Bradley Corporation. More specifically, was there a Milton and also a Bradley, or, was there just one, Milton Bradley. I asked each and everyone one of my co-workers. None of them knew, but they all immediately regaled me with details of other things they knew. Home, I called my friend I*, who knows everything. That was six hours ago, and he hasn't called me back. Maybe his pager is broken. I looked up Milton Bradley in my Encyclopeadia Britannica (oh, if only this keyboard had one of those things where the a and the e together, what do you call that? But I digress) and found no listing. I thought about calling a reference librarian, but they can be humorless people. So I settled on Google. I clicked on what looked like the most promising of the search results, but the lights started to blink erratically. Like, the about to be kicked off line erratic blinking, and I immediately stopped what I was doing. I checked my email. Yahoo, for reasons not known to me, downloads more slowly that almost anything I check on a regular basis, and causes me to be kicked off sometimes. It can be unnerving. But I made it through this time. I then looked deep with-in myself to see if I had the gonads to persue the Milton Bradley issue some more, and found that I do not.
I thought it might be therapeutic to write about all this, so here I am.


  • At February 02, 2005 8:09 AM, Blogger amy said…

    "Milton Bradley Company History

    In 1860, Mr. Milton Bradley started a lithography business in Springfield, Massachusetts. One of the first lithographic works turned out by Milton Bradley was a portrait of Abraham Lincoln without his beard. Lincoln had just been nominated for the Presidency of the United States. The sale of this picture was extremely encouraging to the young printer until it was found that Lincoln had grown a beard. The sale of Bradley's beardless lithograph dropped off drastically.

    In seeking ways to keep his business afloat, Mr. Bradley began producing a game he had previously invented called, "The Checkered Game of Life." His game was so successful, he sold as many as he could produce.

    In 1880, Mr. Milton Bradley expanded his business and began making jigsaw puzzles. Today, the company is the number one maker of games and puzzles in the world.

    In 1911, Milton Bradley died, but the business he started continued to grow and prosper. Each year saw the development of new games, new educational materials and continued expansion for the company. Then, in 1962, ground was broken for the present multi-million dollar plant and office facility in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, which covers 20 acres and employs approximately 1,800 people..."

    and the joined ae is a ligature ae.

    yes, i love to google.

  • At February 04, 2005 6:58 PM, Blogger Frank said…

    Good teamwork.
    If I'm ever at a dinner party, and I am at a complete loss for something to say, I want to be sitting next to you.

  • At February 04, 2005 7:01 PM, Blogger Frank said…

    Oh, PS.
    I daresay I win this week's weirdest Yahoo Search. Thanks in no small part to you.
    Someone (in Egypt) searched for Quran and soda, and was rewarded with my blog.
    See if you can remember the post.

  • At February 04, 2005 7:54 PM, Blogger Frank said…

    PPS That'll be $80.

  • At February 04, 2005 8:25 PM, Blogger amy said…

    my memory is so poor that i had to search...a good little while...to find my comment.

    i wonder what the connection between the quran and soda is??

  • At February 05, 2005 11:07 AM, Blogger amy said…

    answering my own question...i googled "quran soda" and learned:

    "... food you eat, the drinks you drink, directly affect your ability to excel in
    memorization of the Qur’an. Do not eat fatty, unhealthy food. Do not drink soda. ..."

    steve earl's song about john walker lindh refers to both soda and the quran.

    there is an infidels community forum.

    if you pour a can of coke on a slab of pork, worms will emerge.

    ...and 7,165 other related searches.


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