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Monday, March 15, 2010

Bragging on the Nephew, Once Again

Researchers first assessed brand recognition levels in 38 children aged three to five years old. Mainstream brand logos, like Lego and Coca-Cola, were presented to children on a card. The children’s recognition rates were as high as 92 percent for some of the 50 brands tested across 16 product categories. The most commonly recognized brand was McDonald’s, followed closely by other brands of fast food, soda and toys.
from the University of Michigan
School of Kinesiology

I'd promised a St Johnswort plant to a customer last year, only to find I'd sold out of every one. Or nearly so. Julie and I were in the greenhouse, loading up for market the next week, and I said, "If you see a St. Johnswort, toss it in the van. There's gotta be at least in here." A few minutes later, a tiny voice from beneath the tables says: "There's one. It's right on top of me."
Moreso, he has the uncanny knack, and has since he was about three, of crawling through the weed jungle outside the greenhouse, the tangle of overgrown grass where we usually toss extra starts that don't get planted, and emerging munching on a newly discovered kale plant or collard plant, tossed aside and left to grow in the mess for months.
This morning I couldn't figure out why the cat went insane. She's normally quite docile and mild-mannered, but this morning she was wound up like a meth-head.
"She found the catnip," Isiah said.
"No, it's too cold. The catnip hasn't sprouted yet."
He comes back ten seconds later, with a freshly picked leaf.
Should scholars from the U. of Michigan find this of interest, we can arrange to ship him up there for study. But we'll need him back soon. We can't get any work done without him.


  • At April 01, 2010 7:17 AM, Blogger Caroline said…

    Mr. T! Mr. T! He is truly a special boy. I've always known this...since he was in diapers. You usually don't see such compassion and thoughtfulness in such a young kid, but he's got it going on. If there's a tiff on the playground that would be settled by him giving up something, he'll give it up. I've even stopped him from giving something up to a stinker whiner that didn't deserve it... Hee hee.


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