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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nevermind That The French Smoke Like Chimneys

The study shows that by applying widely accepted criteria for causality, scientists were able to identify exposure to the systemic insecticide imidacloprid (a neonicotinoid used in plant protection products such as Guacho and Admire) as the main cause for honeybee decline in the sunflower and maize areas in France.
-Jeroen van der Sluijs
Utrecht University

Everything's bad for the environment these days. You can't even use nicotine to kill insects without someone whining about it. First you can't smoke 'cause it's bad for you, then you can't use tobacco to kill bugs because it kills bugs.
This is just the beginning. Disgustingly bitter coffee served in shot glasses will be tied to the whipping post next, and don't even think about sharing any with your livestock. Smelly cheese is causing global warming no doubt, and rich sauces with names you can't pronounce is killing the health care bill.
How appropriate that this comes to light on the heels of Salinger's death. Just try to get through a page of Salinger without someone lighting a cigarette. Everything's connected.
Apology to readers: I know this is a silly post, and is hardly worthy of your time. I just wanted to say Jeroen van der Sluijs.


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