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Thursday, February 18, 2010

We Won't Be Growing Perilla After All

The snow on the landscape notwithstanding, we're geared up for another season. Goals are small for this year. We're making a conservative effort at conservative results, with the idea of just keeping our heads above water for one more year. Recent events have knocked us back about five years, and production goals are back to where the were five years ago.
We're limiting the fields to what we know works, an austerity measure that while making for rather dull fields should allow us to regroup from recent set-backs.
The greenhouses are a bit late getting fired up, and the seeds are a bit late getting started, but I've been a migrant worker lately. I've been on the eastern edge of the continent, working at various tasks that are (slowly) refilling the coffers. All the while contemplating the perennial issue, the dilemma I manage to duck every year: is any of this even possible? A sustainable organic farm? C'mon.
We've dodged fate for many years now, and kept the illusion somewhat believable, but the clock is ticking. It's moments to midnight, the palace is miles away and there's not a pumpkin chariot in sight. I fully expect to dive across the threshold in the nick of time, I'm just not quite sure how I'm going to get there.


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