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Friday, February 19, 2010

Little Blue Flowers in the Upper Field, But Still I Worry

It didn’t take long. The morning started off fair and warm, the first time in weeks, and the bees left their hives as soon as the sun stirred them from their sleep. There’s the tiniest bit of chickweed mixed in with the rye, the faintest promise of Spring after days and days of constant flurries.
The bees have been through hell this winter, all because of my own lame-ass management, and they have proven themselves to be survivors. The lids of two of the hives blew off when I was in Texas – oh, that’s why the old-timers put cinder blocks on top of their hives – and the soil got too wet and soft under one last week when I was on the Outer Banks and it tilted over. They were all clustered inside when I got back. Sideways and no doubt confused, but all there and in a tight little cluster. They all might make it through the winter yet if I don’t screw up anything else.
These are tough times for bees, and they don’t need me making it any tougher for them. There are mites and viruses and unknown metaphysical syndromes lurking everywhere, wiping out entire colonies left and right and leaving the rest frightened. Winter is hardest for them, but the days are getting longer and the plants are coming back to life. The forecast is for another few warm days, and they’ll get to spread their wings a few more times. The queens will start laying soon. We’re not through this long cold winter yet, but the end is in sight.
Stay tuned for more exciting news from the world of Apis melliflora!


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