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Sunday, October 01, 2006


I'm about to take off for a week, and feel like posting something, just to keep a little momentum going on the ol' blog. Feeling a bit rushed, though, as I really should be packing and cleaning tools.
The season is over, just what I've been waiting for, in terms of not being rushed, of not being a day late with everything. And here I am, a day late.
Strawberries and spinach are in. Garlic and cover crops will go in as soon as I get back (?). Thus, in one sense, I've already started work for next year, and it seems inconsequential to say that this year is over. It's already next year.
I try and try to relax into this thing, and not always feel so rushed, but there's just so much to do and so much that can't be let go of.
There's somehow a certain satisfaction in that, in finishing something and feeling like I'm right back where I started.


  • At October 01, 2006 5:51 PM, Anonymous Chelsea said…

    Hi there! Along the lines of preparing for next season. . .I've been looking for your email address or phone number, but have had little luck - but thankfully I found your blog! My partner and I are graduating college (he, this winter, and myself in the spring) and looking for organic agriculture opportunities for next summer (early May - whenever). I would love to get in contact with you via email or phone to find out a little more about your operation. So perhaps you could send me a line at crb223@psu.edu. Thanks!


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