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Thursday, February 16, 2006

We Seem To Be Up and Rolling

Watch now as I accentuate the positive and relay all sorts of good thoughts about my greenhouse, instead of ranting and raving about the medical/insurance complex, which is what I want to do:

There's dirt in little trays. Sounds pretty simple, I know, but it's the way things start every year. Put a little bit a dirt in a tray, then put some seeds in there somewhere, pour a little bit of water over the whole deal, and wait. It's simple, and, if I may add, not altogether attractive: trays full of dirt, and more trays full of dirt. But it excites me and makes me happy and makes me want to run around and jump up and down and stick my head through the door of the greenhouse and shout Whitman: Smile, O voluptuous cool-breathed earth!
Earth of the slumbering and liquid trees!
I know, enough of that.
But it's so much fun! Stacks of old plastic pots everywhere, heavy bags of potting soil that have to be dragged places, little packets of seeds that never seem to be where I left them! I've started enough kale to choke a moose, and enough lettuce to feed Peoria. I've leeks to reach to the moon and half-way back, and nevermind how much broccoli. Groundhog day has come and gone, which means we're on the downhill side of our journey toward the equinox. The plants will start to grow again! They want to grow again! The earth is tilting back to where the sun will just yank them out of their seeds and pull them up from the soil!
It's slow and incremental, this journey towards greenhood. I've just a few sprout heads poking above the soil. Next week, there'll be more. And then more. Now, it's just the greens. Soon, they'll be joined by tomatoes and peppers and squash. The little spots of green, barely visible in the trays, will take over the greenhouse and nothing brown, no soil nor tabletops nor bare earth in walkways, will be visible.
That's it and that's where we are. We're up and rolling again.


  • At February 17, 2006 8:37 AM, Blogger Mandie said…

    Same here. I've got Sage and Mesclun and Basil in my trays as of yesterday, and a ton more seeds to go. Yay for the coming green!


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