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Friday, January 27, 2006

Lock Up the Youngins, Ma, They're Turnin' To Jesus

An eight year old friend of mine went to church last Sunday, and it caused great concern.
His neighborhood playmates had invited him along - some kind of Youth Play Day or something.
Word of his downfall spread around town. Slowly, at first, then like wildfire.
"Have you heard about -? He went to church."
"What? Does his mother know?"
"How did he fall in with such a group of kids?"
"You have to watch them all the time nowadays."
"Oh, where have we gone wrong?"
The hand-wringing subsided that night, but most parents are keeping a closer watch on their kids now. There's no telling what kind of nefarious activities they could get into next.
Some blamed the young man's parents. Others allowed, "If it could happen to -, it could happen to anyone."
I wasn't that concerned about -, though. I had seen him earlier that day, in the church playground. He was wearing his Iron Maiden T-shirt.


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