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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Broken Bones and Mashed Potatoes

Have I mentioned that I'm not exactly up to par, these days, due to a fractured clavicle?
Well, I'm not.
The latest goes as follows:
I'm at the doctor's office last week, and he walks into the room with my X-rays and says: You really gave yourself a good whack, didn't you?
Matter of fact, I did.
The bone, broken nine weeks ago, hasn't healed yet. Hasn't even begun to heal when you look at the X-ray one way, and maybe has started to meld itself back together when you look at the X-ray another way.
The bone may, and you'll notice I italicized may, heal itself if given another month or so. If it doesn't heal, surgery is the next step.
I guess they open me up and stuck the bones back together and then wrap them up with baling wire or something to keep them together. Then they heal.
In six weeks.
That puts me waaay close to the wire when it comes to spring planting. I could very well be in a sling - or, immobilizer, as those of us in the know are wont to say - when I need to be planting potatoes.
Innovate. That's what we do here at Let It Grow. We'll get it done one way or another, and we'll be mashing our own potatoes in July.


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