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Monday, January 23, 2006

A New Floor!

I've been away a while; I've been scavenging.
A friend out in Laurel is moving, and anything that doesn't fit in her new house is up for grabs. I've got enough new chairs for my own Last Supper, a kerosene heater that doesn't work, a futon without a cushion, and, most significantly, a new floor.
The floor is in pieces - a million or so - and has to be glued back together, but I am not daunted. I have enough for the kitchen and the living room, I believe, and that means my days of walking on linoleum are numbered.
It's a milestone, of sorts, a symbol of evolution for the farm. The house gets little attention - time, money and effort gets invested in the fields and the equipment. It gets wearisome after a while. I want to make the space around me a bit more comfortable. Homey. And the linoleum has been a special irritant lately.
And what should happen, just prior to me making that last step forward into a state of exasperation, that the universe should deliver me a floor?
I'm feeling grounded.


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