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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Oh, Won't You Help This Mitten

It is not often that we use this space to assist five year olds, but, we are making an exception, just this once.
The mitten in question resides in Kansas City, Missouri, but yearns for grander vistas. We in the blogging community have been nominated as the likely entity to accomplish the task. Thus, readers of this space are being asked to RESPOND with personal mitten anecdotes and remembrances. Any emotions you may have felt when viewing the mitten should probably also be noted. Bearing in mind that the climate in your hometown is of little interest to other readers, please mention whether you are currently wearing mittens.Should you be moved to mention this mitten in your own space, and request assistance from your own readers, please do so. Perhaps, through the strengths of all of us, we can provide this mitten with a better life.
It may even be posssible for this little mitten to circumnavigate the globe, one blog at a time. In fact, we nominate the name Magellen for this little mitten, and wish him luck in his travels.


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