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Monday, July 04, 2005

Small Is Beautiful, The Ugly American & The Burning Man

I built a shade house today, and I did it for free.
It was like the old days - my first year or two in this business, when I did everything for free or I didn't do it at all.
A shade house is a greenhouse covered with shade cloth rather than plastic. The idea is to keep things cool rather than to keep them warm. My goal is to have lettuce all summer.
Here are the ingredients:
Greenhouse hoops salvaged about seven years ago from a farm in Hot Springs and saved ever since.
Plastic row cover from S**. (Actually, it's that black mesh stuff they run along streams when they're working on the roads. He pilfered it a few years ago.)
Shade cloth I fished out of a dumpster from a nursery that went out of business.
Metal fence posts they put in the ground here at the farm about fifty years ago to keep the cattle out of the tobacco.
Old baling wire.
Start to finish, it took me and Intern #3 two hours.
It's none too pretty to look at, but I'm betting that it does the job.


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