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And I resumed the struggle. -Vladimir

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

I first thought I would save myself the trouble of posting by reprinting something from a previous winter.
Then I decided: No. Let's have one more go 'round!
It's winter and I'm (re)building a greenhouse.
This is the long one near the road, the one that got squashed in the Christmas blizzard year before last. The deja vus in rebuilding a greenhouse are too many to keep track of.
Lining up these two pipes. Again.
Clearing the weeds from this area. Again.
Wiggling the pipe and hearing water slosh around underground. Again.
Running out of the right size bolt and needing to go all the way to town. Familiar.
Wondering who's gonna help me stretch plastic and if it's gonna be a windy day. I have been lucky but I have also been very very unlucky on this count.
Nonetheless I have not the time for such reflections, for I must start seeds soon and thus the greenhouse must be built.
The nice thing about building things out of scrap is that you don't really expect it to last. You just want it to get you through a season or two.


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